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If you’re a regular visitor to our site, then you know how much we love mugs and glasses. We strongly believe a mug or glass filled with your favorite beverage (no judgements), enjoyed while reading a good book in a comfy chair and “don’t bother me I’m reading” clothes, is heaven on Earth!

And, for that reason, we are spotlighting some of our favorite Walking Pottery mugs by creator Santino Dipiazza. If you haven’t dropped by the Walking Pottery shop on Etsy.com, make a note to surf the site.

When we came across the Walking Pottery shop for our latest power hour in the Etsy.com universe, the bursts of color, fun designs, and intricate craftsmanship had us all in our feelings – now we know that #mugloveisreal!

A new bestseller and a Walking Pottery mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows…wait…#giveusaminute.

And, we’re back! Here are the Walking Pottery creations that stole our hearts:

We know…your jaw just dropped. And, we’re pretty sure there’s a list of people in your head you know will love to have one. We feel ya!

Most of the Walking Pottery mugs we’re spotlighting here stand (literally) 4 to 6 inches tall and hold 8 fluid ounces. Other mugs available from the shop are customizable and come in different sizes. Delivery time is about 1 to 2 weeks. The method of payment is Pay Pal. The product descriptions and customer comments provide great details to help you verify a Walking Pottery product meets your needs.

Bonus Feature

Per the detailed descriptions, the Walking Pottery products are authentically handmade and hand painted. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the process used by Santino Dipiazza to create his Walking Pottery:

What Do I Do With It?

Level Up Your Drinkware. You know that cup in your cabinet with the chipped rim? The one you refuse to throw away because it’s a gift from your oldest auntie on your daddy’s side? Let it go and level up your mug game.

Trigger A Conversation. Picture it. You’re hosting a book club meeting. You disappear into the kitchen to grab some snacks and pour yourself a drink. When you emerge from the kitchen with your Walking Pottery mug, imagine the conversation! “Book? What book? Where did you get that mug?!”

Collectibles. Even if you can’t bring yourself to use your Walking Pottery mug for day-to-day purposes, consider what super fun collectibles they make.

Share the Love. But, don’t keep them to yourself. A Walking Pottery mug makes a uniquely handcrafted gift for the book lover, family, or friend in your life.

Where Can I Get It?

To view the complete collection of unique mugs and other Walking Pottery products, as well as customer reviews, visit: Walking Pottery. The shop offers various kinds of mugs, tea cups, bathroom accessories. The product selection also features multiple themes for dog and cat lovers, Wizard of Oz fans, and more!

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