Go Away I’m Reading Wine Glass

It’s A Sassy Way To Sip

Full Product Name: Kindly Go Away I’m Reading Stemless Wine Glass Introvert Book Lover Gift for Women – 21 oz

Available from DashaAlexander

Why We’re Geeked About It

You may have noticed our love of mugs and glasses. You’ll see many of them in our Bookish Things simply because we love mugs and glasses. We especially love mugs and glasses with attitudes.

So, when we came across the clear, stemless, 21 ounce wine glass from DashaAlexander, we had to spotlight it in this coveted space.

Whether you fill it up with an expensive imported wine, wine in a box, grandma’s sweet tea, or a sugary cool aid, this wine glass is all you need to silently dismiss somebody who is rudely interrupting your reading vibe.

How you ask? Position the glass so the words face towards the person to which you want to silently reply, make sure your hands and fingers do not block the message, and raise the glass like you’re giving a toast! Some examples:

  • Your significant other interrupts your reading bliss to ask the location of the car keys…raise the glass!
  • Your kids are fighting and run into the room to snitch on one another….raise the glass!
  • Your best friend drops by without calling, excited to tell you about her hot date with a stranger she met online…raise the glass!
  • Your mom walks in and wants you to help her with something you know she can do by herself….DO NOT raise that glass! Put the book down, take the “L” and live another day. Trust us on this one.

What Customers Are Saying

As a rule we read the positive and negative reviews of people who have purchased the products featured here. Below are summaries of both.

Customers who purchased the Kindly Go Away I’m Reading Stemless Wine Glass shared these positive reviews:

  • Good quality
  • Good gift packaging
  • Super cute
  • Nice quality for the price
  • Looks nice

Customers who purchased the Kindly Go Away I’m Reading Stemless Wine Glass shared some quirks and negative experiences worth noting:

  • Shipping mix up

What Do I Do With It?

Beyond silently responding to disruptions in your reading pleasure, the majority of customers who purchased this mug bought it as a gift for someone else.

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