Nothing provides a more euphoric feeling than curling up in a blanket with a cup of hot something and a book. The kind of book you can touch and hold in your hands. There is an unexpected, childlike experience that comes with turning physical pages. Maybe it’s the anticipation of what the next page will bring – where it will take us in the story.

“Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be.” – Anonymous

No truer words have been spoken. To travel anywhere in the universe without every leaving the comfort of the couch is amazing! But…(always a but!) there comes a time in every book reading experience when life calls and we’re needed by our children, spouse, work, family, friends, or other obligations. It’s those life moments when we sigh and think “I just want to read my book!”. But (that word again!), we know the deal and do what we gotta do. We mark our stopping point, close our book life, and re-engage with our real life experiences.

We feel your pain! And, we have a gift for you. Free, printable bookmarks to download, print, and use when “book time interruptus” (aka life) steals you away from your latest juicy read.

And, if book nerd creativity hits you, go ahead and jazz it up! Add your own flavor of decoration after printing – color, a tassle, stick on diamonds, sparkles or stars…go wild and make it uniquely yours. Be sure to check back each month for new options.

Note: All bookmarks are 2 in x 6 in. After clicking on a bookmark, the bookmark will open in a new tab for download or printing. For a stronger bookmark, print on card stock or thicker print paper.