Rechargeable Book Light Neck Lamp

Can’t Put A Book Down? Pick This Up.

Full Product Name: Vekkia Rechargeable Book Light Neck Lamp – LED Reading Lights with 3 Colors, 9 Brightness Levels, Flexible Soft Rubber Arms, Hands Free for for Bookworms, Crafts & Runner (Pink, Buckle Rope Included)

Available from Vekkia

Why We’re Geeked About It

It’s almost midnight, your family has long since gone to bed. You’re cuddled under your flannel blanket, in a cozy chair in your favorite part of the house. You’re engrossed in a book you just can’t put down. The author has drawn you into the plot and is taking you on a wild, twisty, unpredictable journey. This book has you muttering to yourself: “I did not see that coming!” “Oh, no she didn’t.” “WTF!”. It has you all in your feelings and it’s a wonderful ride!

As a result, you’ve told yourself “just one more chapter” ten chapters ago. You know you should go to bed – it’s almost midnight. But, you are so close to finding out who did it! You make a decision. You’ll take the book upstairs, finish it in bed, then go to sleep. Darn it! Your husband is in bed now. Turning on the bedside lamp will wake him up.

You throw off the flannel blanket and walk to the desk in the corner of the room. Pulling out one of the side drawers, you search…quietly. Where is it? Three drawers and a lot of rummaging later, you find it – the neck hug light – a gift given to you months ago from one of your book club members.

It’s the first time you’ve used this neck light since you got it. Oh, well, better late than never. You place the light around your neck and turn it on. It works! The light is bright. You click the button to change the brightness, adjust the neck arms to spotlight the pages of your book, and read your way out of the room, up the stairs, into your bedroom. You reach the bed and quietly climb into it. Your husband is sound asleep. The light hasn’t bothered him yet. Why didn’t you use this Vekkia neck light before now? You settle under the covers and continue to read. It’s almost 1 am. You smile. Just one more chapter….

The Vekkia Neck Hug Light with its adjustable arms, adjustable lighting, and three types of lighting options (warm, white, mixed), it is a book reader’s best friend. It lasts 6 – 10 hours of use before needed to be charged and requires a 5V Adapter / USB Port for charging. Also available in blue and black. Night time reading, here we come!

What Do I Do With It?

In addition to using it as a reading light, a majority of customers who purchased this Vekkia Rechargeable Book Light Neck Lamp used it in the following ways:

  • Lighting for crocheting and knitting
  • Night light or flashlight
  • Replacement for a desk lamp
  • Gift for an elderly family member or friend

Where Can I Get It?

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