Printable TBR List Tracker (PDF)

Do you have a never ending list of “books I wanna read” swirling around in your head? Wouldn’t it be great to have one place to capture all of those books of interest you come across during your day? Our TBR Smack Down Challenge template may be the download you’re looking for!

  • Download our fillable pdf template, fill in the books (and their authors) to start your “to be read” (TBR) list.
  • Add books and authors as you see fit (use one template if needed).
  • As you finish a book from your list, capture and celebrate the moment by adding an image of its book cover or a pic of yourself with the book to create your own book cover photo collage.

A Book To Remember – Printable Reading Reflections Page (PDF)

Every so often a book comes along that creates an emotional connection worth capturing, reflecting, and remembering years later. A Book To Remember template is a space for capturing notes and meaningful reflections about your very favorite books, how the books make you feel, and what about them sticks with you long after you’ve read the last page.

A Book To Remember template is fillable. Download as many as you like, then fill it in directly or print it and write out your thoughts and reflections. Consider using your completed and/or blank pages to create your very own reading reflections journal using a 3-ring binder or uploading the pages into programs like Evernote or OneNote.

Printable Bookmark

Select your favorite bookmark, then download, print and use it to save your place when those “book time interruptus” (aka life) events occur. Add your own flavor of decoration after printing – color, a tassel, stick-on diamonds, sparkles or stars…go crazy and make it uniquely yours. Show me the bookmarks!

Make A Bookmark

Tap into your book nerd creativity. DIY your very own bookmark! Check out our 5 favorite DIY bookmark ideas to learn how.

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