First Lines Literature Coffee Mug

Cup of Brain Power

Product Name: First Lines Literature Coffee Mug 

Available from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Why We’re Geeked About It

We all have our favorite mug. That one “go to” mug that makes any beverage we pour into it seem that much better and richer in taste. The mug we gently cradle with both hands when we raise it to our mouths or grasp carefully by the handle as we hold our pinky finger in the air. The mug that we continue to use even when the words are washed off, the rim is chipped, and a hairline crack runs down the side.

We love our mugs! For us, there is nothing like a mug of something (anything), coupled with a good book and a comfy chair, to take us to the next level of reading bliss.

So, imagine our excitement when we came across The Unemployed Philosophers Guild’s First Lines Literary Coffee Mug. This is one of those mugs that brings out the geek in us. The Guild’s 12 ounce mug features 24 opening lines of some of the greatest literary works ever published. It brings each opening line to life through a mix of vibrant colors.

The geeky part? A mug you can read, learn from, and turn into a trivia game when your kids get bored at the breakfast table. That…is pure genius!

What Do I Do With It?

Aside from using it to savor the drink of your choice, the majority of customers who purchased the First Lines Literary Coffee Mug bought it as a gift for someone else:

  • A teacher
  • A college student majoring in English, Literature, or Journalism
  • A librarian
  • A coffee or tea drinker who loves to read

Where Can I Get It?

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