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What Is This Space?

The views and perspectives shared on our site are solely our views and perspectives because #booknerdslovetoshare. But, we enjoy and learn from the perspectives of other fiction book reviewers, whether they agree with our unique, sistagirl perspectives or offer up unique thoughts of their own.

We’re spotlighting a handful of book reviewers from YouTube-land. These reviewers are everyday book nerds sharing their own perspectives with the world. Ain’t the internet grand?!

But, full transparency, there’s a method to the madness. Each reviewer in #fictionfancam has reviewed at least one of the fiction books featured in our own Book Reviews blog each month.

Note: Yes, some of our selected videos may contain spoilers, but sometimes, with a really good book, you just can’t help but share some of the juicy parts. Trust us, we know firsthand.

We have to say it: The views expressed by the book reviewers below are their own personal perspectives and do not expressly represent the views or perspectives of 2SistasAndABook. Enough of the fine print, click on a pic below to watch their video book review:

All books reviewed on this page can be purchased from Amazon or your own favorite online or local bookstore!

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