Our Unique Approach To Book Reviews

We love reading fiction books – mysteries, suspense, thriller, or drama. You name the fiction genre, we are so there for it!

Whether you are just as passionate about fiction books or dabble in fiction every now and again, you know the feeling of getting lost in an intriguing mystery, being blown away by a twisty plot, and connecting with characters that feel like family.

As a result, there is nothing more euphoric than reaching the last page of a great fiction book. You want it to live on. So, you talk about it with somebody, anybody who will listen. Your kids don’t care, your spouse is sleep, so you hop online because you just gotta share your insights, likes, dislikes, plot twists, and recommendations.

We feel you! The 2Sistas Book Reviews section of our site is our space to do just that – share our thoughts and recommendations about the fiction books we’re reading each month.

But, we do it a little differently than most book reviewers you’ve come across.

We share our unique, sistagirl perspectives through the lens of two characters, Monica and Kayla (The 2Sistas). Each fiction book review animates Monica and Kayla’s quirky viewpoints about the select fiction book we’re reading.

In addition, every review ends with a 2Sistats rating and recommendation. How much of their two and half star allotment will Monica and Kayla invest towards the total rating of a book and why? Find out with each new fiction book review we post to our 2Sistas Book Review blog.

Check out the complete list of 2Sistas Book Reviews.

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