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Why We’re Geeked About It

We did not get the memo on the book pillow! Why did no one tell us such beautiful things existed?

A pocket to hold the current book we’re reading.

A pillow to rest on when we refuse to put said book down in the wee hours of the night because, well, #justonemorechapter is a book nerd’s way of life.

So simple it’s downright genius!

We literally stumbled into the world of book pillows (also called reading pillows) during a recent visit to After a power scroll through a long list of offerings, we are now book pillow enthusiasts. Our favorites? The ones for kids. Hey, #adultsarekidsallgrownup.

Which kiddie book pillows stole our hearts? Unicorns and Dr. Seuss.

We adore unicorns because they’re just so freakin’ cute. You know we’re right. Take a look:

Book Pillow Unicorn Gift Personalized Pocket Reading Pillow image 0
Etsy Shop: Chevron Cottage
Little Unicorn Reading Pillow Little Girl Book Pillow Baby image 0
Etsy Shop: The Whimsical Studio

We see you smiling. And we think we heard an “awwww” and a sigh. You can’t help yourself. It’s the power and magic of unicorns! Don’t fight it, embrace it! We’ve all fallen under their spell.

Now, Dr. Seuss? We love Dr. Seuss, because, well, it’s Dr. Seuss. “I hate Dr. Seuss” said no one ever. Some of our favorite childhood memories are built around Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat In The Hat, and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Like that one time when we were 8 years old and tried to dye our scrambled eggs green with food coloring. Momma was not impressed. But, we digress.

Our point is, book pillows like these, connect us to those fun, childhood Dr. Seuss memories, and help us ignite new memories in our children:

Storybook Pillow Pocket Pillow Reading Pillow Book Pillow image 0
Etsy Shop: Blys Quilts

But, our all time favorite Dr. Seuss book? “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. So, imagine our nerdy delight when we came across this beautiful work of art:

Dr. Seuss  Oh The Places You'll Go  Reading Pillow  image 0
Etsy Shop: KadeesMemoryQuilts

Now, some book nerds prefer a more “mature” and “grown up” book pillow. If that’s you, then check out one of many fabulous book pillow offerings from That Special Touch Embroidery and Quilting:

Novelty Embroidered Reading/Book Pillow: I'm Not image 0
Etsy Shop: That Special Touch Embroidery and Quilting

This book pillow wowed us! It captured our attention because of its rich, beautiful colors, book themed material, ah-mazing craftsmanship, and sassy message. And, you know how much we love pillows with attitudes!

The cover material of this book pillow is cotton with a polyester filling. It’s 16 inches by 16 inches. It features a zippered bottom to remove the polyester filled insert for cleaning.

There are so many beautiful, fun book pillows available from creatives on There is literally a book pillow to make even the most difficult gift recipient smile.

What Do I Do With It?

Book pillows are our favorite new bookish things! They’re like tiny book nooks you can take from room to room or on a long family trip. Tuck your most current read into the pocket so you never misplace it; use the comfy pillow to rest on; or toss it on a couch to brighten up a room.

Book pillows also make unique gifts for the book lovers in your life, no matter their age. Try pairing it with a bestseller or personal favorite book as a gift to a friend or family member.

Where Can I Get It?

All of the book pillows featured here are available on (keyword search “book or reading pillow with pocket”) or click the links provided above. Be sure to support these and other Etsy shop owners whose work inspires a love for reading at all levels.

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