Book Blanket Bonanza

All those ready for 2020 to be over, raise your hands! Please assume our hands and feet are in the air, right now. This year has been a year of too many challenges and changes to name in this tiny little post. But there is always something positive in the middle of the crazy. Liiiiiike…the end of the year and all the holiday happenings that come with it.

What better way to prep for the holidays than to spotlight unique gifts for those special bibliophiles in our lives?

By now, you know how much we love the creatives on! It’s one of our favorite internet hang outs to find unique, bookish treasures worth sharing with you – a member of our super nerdy book dragon community. So, of course we headed to for bookish gift inspirations for the holidays. And, we were not disappointed!

A Little About Book Lovers

To appreciate the finds we came across for this spotlight moment, you gotta know something about book lovers. Specifically, no avid book lover worth their book nerd membership card, ever enters book reading zen without their Reading Bliss Survival Kit. Thaaat’s right…

Meet The Book Blankets

It’s that last survival kit item that we wanna spotlight, now. Full transparency, we’re suckers for any bookish find featuring rich colors and quality craftsmanship, because #thatsthewayweroll. So, these book inspired blankets had us all up in our bibliophilic feelings! Check ’em out:

Book Cover Quilt By ForReadingAddicts:

Bookshelf Fleece Blanket By AlanaLoveShop

Ok. Give us a moment to sit in our bliss………Thank you. Let’s continue.

There are even book blankets for book nerds who fan out over a favorite author or favorite books! Check these out:

Stephen King Fan Blanket By PicturePerfectByJG:

Stephen King Fan Blanket customize with your favorite Stephen image 0

Favorite Book Blanket- Favorite Author By PicturePerfectByJG:

Favorite Book Blanket favorite Author customize with your image 0

All of these beautiful book-inspired blankets moved us to hype mode the moment we saw them! But this next one…inspiring future authors, baby book nerds, and young book dragons, sent our book loving spidey senses into overdrive! This baby blanket comes in different colors, and, wait for it…can be monogrammed ! Mic drop.

Neutral Book Lover Monogram Minky Baby Blanket By LittleStringsInLife:

Neutral Book Lover Monogram Minky Baby BlanketReading image 2

We know you’re drooling. We did too and #aintnoshameinit. Just like you, we are in total book love with every one of these bookish finds.

What Do I Do With It?

Seems like such an odd question for our Bookish Things topic this month, but it’s a fair one.

We’ve already established that book blankets are a necessary survival kit item for the avid book lover. There’s just something about wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket while you read a book that ups the reading pleasure. It makes a bold, unspoken statement to your family that you are not to be moved from this spot unless the house is on fire or one of the kids needs to go to the hospital. #wefeelyavibe

Additionally, these beautiful, richly colored, amazingly crafted, and uniquely bookish finds are just in time for the holidays. Any one of them will take your Reading Bliss Survival Kit to the next level, or make the perfect gift for a book loving family or friend. Any librocubicularist will especially love one these!

Where Can I Get It?

Be sure to support these and other Etsy shop owners whose work inspires a love for reading at all levels. All of the book blankets featured here are available on or click the links provided above.

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