Antique Book Design Tissue Dispenser

Tissues Never Looked So Elegant

Full Product Name: Antique Book Design Wood Bathroom Facial Tissue Dispenser Box Cover/Novelty Napkin Holder

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Why We’re Geeked About It

Picture it. You’re in your comfy reading spot, engrossed in a new book. You had no idea the book would be this good! You like the main character, but the “side kick character”? This lady is fabulous! She’s expressive, strong, smart, sassy, and she’s saved the main character’s arse several times, already! You see a little of yourself in her, and with every page turn you’re thinking “if this lady were real, we’d be friends”.

Then it happens.

You learn something about the side kick character you did not see coming. Holy crap! You are riveted to this story now. Your hair is wild from finger raking, eyes are saucer wide, potato chip crumbs are spawning another meal in your lap. No freakin’ way this is happening to her! You turn the page, then another, and one more. With every page turn you lose a little hope that things will turn around for your beloved side kick character. And then…


Your heart shatters. Tears run down your cheeks as you continue reading through the shock wave. The more you read the worse it gets, but you can’t put the book down. You owe it to your side kick character to ride the wave. Suddenly, you realize you are ugly crying – full on tears, snot, and a lot of expletives your mother would not be proud to hear coming out of your mouth.

Finally, you reach the end of the wild emotional ride and close the book. Exhausted. Spent.

You are stunned by the turn of events. “She didn’t deserve that. Not any of it!” You look around for something to wipe your face and dry your eyes. You search the room and finally see the gift from your best friend (Anita) sitting on the end table – a tissue box holder shaped like what else? A stack of beautiful antique books:

You smile. Thinking, Anita always has your back, even when she doesn’t know it. You rally yourself to stand up and grab several tissues, running your fingers lovingly over the tissue box. After wiping your face, you return to your comfy corner and open the book, again. As you refocus on a new page, you dab your eyes with the tissues, take a deep breath, and murmur, “just one more chapter.”

Sound familiar? No judgement here. We feel your pain! We too have been taken into our feelings by many a book and #aintnoshameinit! That’s why we’re fanning out over this unique tissue dispenser! Have you seen a book nerd in ugly cry mode with no tissues anywhere in sight? It is not a pretty scene! So, if you are or have a book lover in your life, always have a tissue around when in reading mode.

What Do I Do With It?

We’ve already established that having tissues at the ready for those times book reading escalates to ugly cry moments is a must. In addition, despite the product name, customers who purchased this antique book design tissue dispenser didn’t just show it off in a bathroom. They also used it in the following ways:

  • Different locations: Library, Bedside table, office, family room, coffee table
  • Friendship gift for an avid book lover
  • Special occasion gift (e.g. Christmas)

Where Can I Get It?

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