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So, you were surfing the net and stumbled across our site, huh? Well, we are glad you showed up!

If you’re like most of our newbies, you’re probably wondering where on the internet you just landed. So, let’s cover the basics about this site.

How It All Started

2sistasandabook.com was born out of a love of three simple yet enjoyable activities:

  • A fancy for fiction and uniquely bookish things;
  • 2D animation (as a hobby);
  • Self-expression through writing.

If you’re a book lover who defines a good time as geeking out on fiction books, like mysteries, crime fiction, action and adventure, and all types of thrillers, this is the place for you. Every once in awhile we may stray into other genres just to keep things interesting, but fiction is our thing!

Here, you’ll get engaging and unique perspectives on selected fiction books (Book Reviews), spotlighting useful bookish swag to enhance your reading experience (Bookish Things), and identifying helpful resources worth checking out or contributing to (What To Read and Book Charities).

Site Sections

The name of our game is “keep it simple”:

Animated Book Reviews

Monica and Kayla (2Sistas) are the heart of 2Sistas And a Book. These two fictional characters are best friends who love to read and talk about fiction books. Their sistagirl chats bring out their unique viewpoints and personalities. Every animated book review shares their first impressions, best and noteworthy portions of the selected books, and more. Each review ends with their 2Sistas’ rating and recommendation. Will their perspectives prompt you to read the book or not waste your time? Tune in each month for a new 2Sistas’ animated book review!

Bookish Things

Are you into unique bookish merch? Bookish Things is a special space to fan out on cool and interesting, yet useful online treasures. We share our finds each month with nerdy book lovers everywhere.


One of the most engaging things about books is sharing different thoughts and perspectives about them. #Fictionfancam introduces you to the voices of other reviewers who have reviewed the same books selections. It’s that space where we spotlight a handful of book reviewers from YouTube-land. Yep, just some everyday book nerds sharing their own book nerdy perspectives with the world.


The spot to snag free bookish stuff.

Explore More

What To Read

Book recommendation sites are one method we use to pick book selections reviewed on our site. What To Read features our favorite online locations for what else? Book lists and recommended reading. One or more of them may just interest you, too.

Book Charities

Features just a handful of charitable organizations. These charities are doing amazing work around children’s literacy by putting books in the hands of kids all over the world. It’s not an exhaustive list, but a starting point for book lovers who want to give the gift of reading but aren’t sure where to start.


If your into quirky experiences, memorable quotes, and funny thoughts about all things book related, then Shareables is a space for you. When you find something interesting, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with others in your social networks because, well, #whynot?


When was the last time you heard yourself laugh out loud? Can’t remember? We got you! We’ll post some of our favorite bookish humor in this space. We hope you laugh, maybe smile a little. Ok. If all ya got is an eye roll, we’ll take it. Enjoy!

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