Are You A Fiction Book Fan, Too?

If you’re a book lover who defines a good time as geeking out on fiction books, like mysteries, crime fiction, action and adventure, and all types of thrillers, this is the place for you. Cause fiction is our thing! A good fiction book, favorite drink, and comfy spot to settle in and read, is our definition of happy place. Add in our lively discussions about what we read and we’re straight up delirious!

2sistasandabook - Animated Book Reviews

Not Your Ordinary Book Reviews

Monica and Kayla (2Sistas) are the heart of 2sistasandabook. These two fictional characters are best friends who love to read and talk about – you guessed it – fiction books. Their sistagirl chats bring out their unique viewpoints and personalities. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they really don’t!

Every animated book review shares their first impressions, best and noteworthy portions of the selected books (without giving too much away!), and more. Each review ends with their 2Sistas’ rating and recommendation. Will their perspectives prompt you to read the book or not waste your time?

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